My Girlfriend Som and i.. From my latest trip to Thailand December 2019


I grow up in CPH / Denmark in the late 70´s

i start to take pictures in the late 90´s for fun and that is what is still is for me even today.

Video is still a rather new thing to same goes for vlogging. (Youtube)

Even if 95% of my travel goes to Thailand.. I will still go other country´s For photoshoot, videos or maybe just a simple Holiday ;-) 

Gear i use:

Canon Eos 100D

Gopro hero 5 black

Gopro hero session 4

DJI Osmo pocket

DJI Osmo mobile

DJI Spark (Drone)

Godox Ar400 Ringflash

PSCC 2020

PS Lightroom

Filmora 9


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